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Music Shooter


Music shooter.Are you ready for adventure?
If yes youve come to the right place, the fun free music game, "Music Shooter". Music Shoot balls with your laser pointer pointing to launch music with your cannon.
Suddenly youre in a dark, quiet place, you try walking and every step you take advance to nowhere, you hear every footstep as the rumble of a hollow floor, only the echo accompanies you. Like a whisper in the distance you seem to hear the continuous ticking of a metronome but still do not see anything, darkness and the ticking envelop you in a cloud of suspense and intrigue. After a minute, when your heart beats louder than the metronome beats when the heart does not let you think, when your heart rate is faster than that tic tac ... The curtain opens, and turns all lighting of the place. You are in a dramatic theater, a large auditorium, it is the concert hall of your city, where youve always dreamed of acting.
The red soil of bourgeois, musical instruments hanging from the roof seeming to float above the ground, but no staves columns holding the building structure. Dark walls that seem to exist and lots of music. Musical notes flying in air bubbles wrapped with a golden glow. You do not know if its a dream or is it just your dream. The music around you is harmonious and beautiful. Think about bringing your finger and pop the bubbles to the music play guard like that hint of a soap bubble is involved. But beauty can be deceiving ... the ground starts shaking, everything begins to move abruptly, and a loud noise like a great earthquake sounds were intensely. A grand piano appears from the sky that is directed towards you, every time down faster. Is so large that it fills the whole stage, do not let your mind run your legs, youre paralyzed and that giant instrument is already very close to you ... but when all seems lost, the bubbles that surround the music fly fast to interposed between the piano and you. Again and pomp join clutching the grand piano. Music has saved you and you feel indebted to her.
Among all the fuss, a gun with laser pointer has left the soil of this theater, and a paper plane with a message landed on your feet. You take the note and read ... "Use this launcher to free music, music is free and has to sound cheerfully the world. He needs your help."
... Now you understand why youre there, you have been chosen for this adventure, for this mission of great responsibility. You need to get that music be free and to be repeated around the world as he always did.
Musical instruments have lost their sanity, and do not want to make music. Load your music ultrasonic cannon, point the laser pointer on your cannonball at the musical notes of the same color and download the fast and strength of your launcher music. To join three or more balls of the same music, they will fired off stage. To download music from your pitcher you must touch the screen of your phone or tablet to where you want to direct the musical balls. If they touch the side staves bounce. Get all the music release of each stage to advance to the next level. Hundreds of levels will have to overcome. It is a difficult task and requires all your concentration and skill. Do not neglect as the grand piano hanging from the ceiling down sharply and continuously. If it hits the ground it will all be over.
Do not let that happen. The music and the fabulous world need your help.
Have fun playing this game many hours of free music.
The team of "Music Shooter" proud to present the best music game that has developed. Thank you for your evaluation and feedback so we can improve this fun game.